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These studies primarily look at various aspects of student outcomes and programming effects in wilderness education.

Fostering experiential self-regulation through outdoor adventure education (JEE 2015) 1305
Exploring complex relationships on extended wilderness courses (ROE 2014) 349
Social system in outdoor adventure education programs (JEE 2014) 346
Considering students’ experiences in diverse groups (JLR 2014) 329
Development of prosocial behavior in adolescents (JEE 2014) 345
Effects of wilderness expedition experience on ill-structured problem-solving skills (2014) 1076
Backcountry nutrition (ROE 2014) 1552
Wilderness-based experiences and creation of an environmental ethic (ROE 2013) 341
Understanding groups in outdoor adventure education through social network analysis (AJOE 2013) 324
The multi-dimensionality of group cohesion (AORE Symposium 2012) 318
Developing lifelong learners (CEO Symposium 2012) 314
Black and white thinkers and colorful problems (JOREL 2012) 341
The importance of program quality in youth development (ROE & CEO Symposium 2012) 328
Measurement of challenge type and intensity in wilderness education students (CEO Symposium 2012) 301
An examination of wilderness first aid knowledge, self-efficacy and skill retention (WEMJ 2012) 310
Wilderness-based semester learning (JOREL 2012) 325
Mechanisms of learning transfer in adventure education (JEE 2011) 316
Importance of trust in outdoor education (ROE 2010) 309
Instructor influence on student learning at NOLS (JOREL 2009) 2408
Stove Efficiency Experiment: VIDEO (2009) 4337
Peer effects on non-cognitive ability (2008) 1548
Long-term impacts of wilderness education (ROE 2008) 5499
Long-term impacts attributed to participation in wilderness education (PowerPoint) 2890
Predictors of participant development through adventure education (ROE 2008) 2297
Nurturing the heart and soul of education: (secular) spirituality (2008) 1981
Student learning in outdoor education (JEE 2008) 2466
Awakening place awareness during a 30-day wilderness leadership program (IJW 2008) 1992
The pedagogic value of student autonomy in adventure education (2008) 2004
Addressing response-shift bias: retrospective pretests in recreation research and eval (JLR 2007) 2350
A means-end investigation of outcomes associated with Outward Bound and NOLS programs (JEE 2007) 2411
Exploring participant development through adventure-based programming (Leisure Sciences 2007) 2694
Organizational collaboration in outdoor adventure education (2007) 2290
NOLS Research Program 1999 Annual Report and Completed Papers (1999) 2229
A national study of outdoor wilderness experience (Kellert and Derr 1998) 3740
Role of self-efficacy in the outdoor leadership development process (1998) 2132
Responsible environmental behavior: Metaphoric transference of minimum-impact ideology (1995) 2117
Factors influencing leadership development in wilderness education (1994) 2644
Perspectives on the integration of wilderness research, education and management (1994) 2230
  • About NOLS Research  ( 3 items )
    Learn more about the NOLS research mission as well as how to submit a research proposal and FAQ.

  • Research Reports: Recreational Ecology  ( 10 items )
    These studies look at impacts and their mitigation related to backcountry recreation.

  • Research Reports: Health and Risk  ( 17 items )
    These studies look at outdoor program incident, accident, and illness epidemiology, energy balance (expenditure and consumption), lightning risks, avalanche risks, and safety equipment for camping in bear bear country.
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