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These studies look at impacts and their mitigation related to backcountry recreation.

Campsite Inventory and Monitoring Program for Prince William Sound (2002) 1485
Impact of Human Waste Disposal Practices on the Muir Snowfield on Mount Rainier (2000) 8026
The Consequences of Trampling Disturbance in Two Vegetation Types in Wyoming (2000) 1551
The Response of Arctic Tundra Plant Communities to Human Trampling Disturbance (2000) 1389
Response of Five Native Plant Communities to Trampling in the Wind River Range (2000) 1518
Breakdown of Human Waste in Three Sub-tropical Australian Ecosystems (2002) 1481
Monitoring Recreation Resource Impacts in Two Coastal Areas of Western North America (1998) 1643
Wildland Recreation and Human Waste: A Review of Problems, Practices and Concerns (2000) 1580
Responsible Environmental Behavior: Minimum-Impact Ideology (1996) 1712
Wilderness Party Size Regulations (2000) 2169
Kayak Visitor Use in Western PWS, AK '87-'98 1495
Glaciology: Global Ice Core Research (2000) 1460
Glaciology: Deposition of Mercury in Ice (2002) 1460
Climatic Fluctuations, Drought, and Flow in the Colorado River Basin (2004) 1480
  • About NOLS Research  ( 3 items )
    Learn more about the NOLS research mission as well as how to submit a research proposal and FAQ.

  • Research Reports: Wilderness Education  ( 30 items )
    These studies primarily look at various aspects of student outcomes and programming effects in wilderness education.

  • Research Reports: Risk Management  ( 13 items )
    These studies look at outdoor program incident, accident, and illness epidemiology, various aspects of accident and illness prevention, and other topics related management of risks in wilderness.

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