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Research Reports: Wilderness Education
These studies primarily look at various aspects of student outcomes and programming effects in wilderness education.

Effects of wilderness expedition experience on ill-structured problem-solving skills 673
Fostering Experiential Self-Regulation Through Outdoor Adventure Education (2013) 804
Learning Styles on Adventure Courses (2010) 1090
Backcountry Nutrition (2013) 1100
Wilderness-Based Semester Learning (2012) 1039
Peer Effects on Noncognitive Ability (2008) 1086
Physiological Adaptations in Extended Technical Mountaineering (1985) 1168
Nurturing The Heart And Soul Of Education: (Secular) Spirituality (2008) 1651
Instructor Influence of Student Learning at NOLS (2009) 2026
Awakening Place Awareness During A 30-day Wilderness Leadership Program (2008) 1673
Stove Efficiency Experiment: VIDEO (2009) 3816
Does participation on a NOLS course increase responsible environmental behavior? (1995) 1721
Do increases in self-efficacy on NOLS courses persist after one year? (1998) 1746
What characteristics influence NOLS course participants' perception of achievement? (2007) 1568
Does supporting student autonomy on NOLS courses help achieve educational objectives? (2007) 1594
Using retrospective pretests for assessing student growth (2007) 1683
How do students on NOLS courses learn? (2008) 2088
Which NOLS learning objectives transfer to participants lives and how long do they last? (2008) 3768
Do NOLS courses influence participants' perception of their achievement? (2008) 1905
NOLS & Univ. of Utah Research: Transfer of Learning Survey (2008) 2440
NOLS & Univ. of Utah Research: Long-term Impacts of Wilderness Education (2008) 4980
Perspectives on the Integration of Wilderness Research and Education (1994) 1840
Factors Influencing Leadership Development in Wilderness Education (1994) 2270
A National Study of Outdoor Wilderness Experience (1998) 3188
NOLS Research Program 1999 Annual Report and Completed Papers (1999) 1851
Organizational Collaboration in Outdoor Adventure Education (2007) 1866
Student Learning in Outdoor Education: A Case Study From NOLS (2008) 2373
Exploring Participant Development Through Adventure-Based Programming: A Model from NOLS (2007) 2257
Addressing Response-shift Bias: Retrospective Pretests in Recreation Research and Evaluation (2007) 1891
A Means-End Investigation of Outcomes Associated with Outward Bound and NOLS Programs (2007) 1989
  • About NOLS Research  ( 3 items )
    Learn more about the NOLS research mission as well as how to submit a research proposal and FAQ.

  • Research Reports: Recreational Ecology  ( 14 items )
    These studies look at impacts and their mitigation related to backcountry recreation.

  • Research Reports: Risk Management  ( 13 items )
    These studies look at outdoor program incident, accident, and illness epidemiology, various aspects of accident and illness prevention, and other topics related management of risks in wilderness.

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